Friday, November 22, 2013

Anime basic

Japanese comic character is the most popular in the world. Although they don't make a legendary heroes like American did (using Superman, Batman etc), they have popular shape of drawing especially in face and eye form. This is the sample of eyes they make for their comics.
Today, many comic artist develop their project using eye shape from anime. How about you?

Friday, September 27, 2013


Strong animal, Tiger. Tiger is a beatiful but dangerous animal in the world. The drawing method is simple, make some elips form like the drawing below. Make the detail line and bold the outline. Don’t forget to make the tiger strips. Colour it

For the detail of face, you can follow my method posted in and like this following drawing.

Ok, that’s the drawing method for this week. See you next week. for other method visit my other blog in Indonesian language and Happy drawing!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


This is the another tips for this week, "How to Draw Fish" easily. There's 3 tips i'll give you. First, how to draw the body of fish. I choose the body of Koi fish, the most beautiful fish I think. Here the tips
how to draw fish easily step by step for beginners kid and adult drawing
Make elips head and follow with another step like in picture, erase the unuse line, bold the other and colouring them. Next is fish skin, This step is awesome. I get from japanese book I read. This is the step in picture
how to draw the skin of fish easily step by step for beginners drawing
The last is make the head of fish. How to drawing the head of fish? This is can be simplified. Just follow the step of drawing in the following picture. The last you can unite them in a whole beautiful Koi Fish. Happy drawing...
how to draw head of fish easily step by step for beginners kid drawing and adult
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This week I'm sorry for the late of updating my blog. This week, I'll give tips for making aeroplane drawing. Firstly make the circle shape, then detailing drawing like in the picture. Erase the unuse line and bold the line. Done, now you have one aeroplane by yourself. Happy drawing...
how to draw aeroplane easily step by step for beginners
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This week, I posted 2 tips to you. first, the animal drawing 'bird'. For more bird, you can find my other blog
easy tips for drawing